Will Gallia is stillatplay.

I'm a freelance Computer Programmer. I know that's a dated term, but I feel that it best describes what I do. I write software in a range of languages and environments for a number of platforms. From servers to microprocessors and everywhere in between.

I started programming when I went to Goldsmiths to read Creative Computing. I then learnt a bit more at Imperial College where I did an MSc in Visual Information Processing. I then did a couple more stints at university firstly as a PhD student and then a Specialist Technician.





Modern reproductions of Al-Jazari's inventions


Grayscale Colour

Black & white images created from colour


Suzuki Swift SZ-L

A collaboration with Jacob Wolff


House Party

A flat becomes one big MIDI instrument


The World on Wikipedia

932,490 chronological geotags


UK Wikipedia

Links and contours of interest


252 Segments (+ DP)

A seven segment clock


Space Filling Portraits

Mathematicians drawn by their inventions


A day on the London Underground

Half a million journeys


Hippocampus segmentation via Neighbourhood Approximation Forests

MSc dissertation


Pedro & Sybil

A hardware/software marriage

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